I Want You - Lilo oneshot 

(Louis/Liam one shot, mature)

After last night, Louis looked at Liam differently. A strange feeling of desire crossed him every time they would make eye contact. He was confused, it was odd, so he tried to ignore the feeling. To stop thinking of Liam. Louis thought it would be easy; Liam had been avoiding him ever since the end of the show last night, where he had spontaneously pulled Louis into a dark room backstage and briefly but intensely kissed him.
After the last performance, Liam had went straight to bed, while the rest of the lads had decided to go clubbing. In the morning, Liam had announced that he would go for a walk, simply spend some time alone, and he wasn’t back before hours later.
Strangely, Liam’s absence didn’t stop Louis from thinking about him. He would like to talk to Liam, but then again he didn’t feel comfortable talking about… He really didn’t have a clue what was going on in his own head. Instead of talking to Liam about whatever it was they had to talk about, Louis began acting like nothing had ever happened. And everything went back to normal.

A pretty blonde with a drunken smile took a seat next to Liam. She was pretty; long curly hair, a sexy white dress that wasn’t revealing too much. Liam didn’t notice her before she introduced herself.

“I’m Stephanie,” she said, taking a sip of her drink. “You’re from One Direction, right? Liam? You wanna dance?”

“Sorry, I’m not really in a party mood,” Liam replied apologetic. “The other lads persuaded me to go with them…”

“That’s fine, nice to meet you anyway!” Stephanie said, soon being dragged out on the dance floor by a friend.
Liam took a sip of his beer – it was his first and last tonight. The truth was Liam hadn’t been in the party mood for weeks now. He knew he would do something stupid if he got drunk, he thought, glancing at a highly intoxicated Louis in the back of the club.
Since their brief kiss a couple of weeks ago, Louis had been different; somehow. In the first couple of days, the lads had kind of been avoiding each other; but then suddenly, Louis had become much more… physical. When he would talk to Liam, he would touch Liam’s leg, he would try to sit next to Liam, he would randomly hug Liam, and if Liam wasn’t mistaken, it felt like Louis was even smelling his hair sometimes. Sometimes Louis would just stare at Liam. And then, when Liam was finally convinced that Louis felt the same as he did, Louis would make a little distance, tell a joke or make fun of something. “All fun and games,” he would say with a cheeky grin directed at Liam.

Liam was more confused than ever. He didn’t even know what he felt; he just knew that he really wanted Louis, he longed after him, needed him.

Another glance at the drunken crowd, searching for Louis face. There were lots of people, the rumour that One Direction had gone clubbing had probably spread. A third of the people seemed to be girls, and they all wore as little clothes as possible. A squeak of pain came from Liam’s mouth as his eyes found Louis, who was making out with a brunette close to where Liam sat. He drank the rest of his beer and bottomed a drink that stood untouched on the table; coughed, the drink had been stronger than he had thought.

He jumped from the barstool and made his way out of the club. It was dark outside, a little cold, but it was nice to get some fresh air. Liam wasn’t really used to the smell of too much perfume mixed with sweat from dancing. It felt claustrophobic in there with all the people throwing themselves at each other like maniacs. But tonight he had, for some reason, agreed to go with the other boys; maybe because Louis had been insisting; maybe, Liam had hoped that this night would be the night…

He pushed the thought away – he had to face it, it wasn’t going to happen. Maybe he should just grab a drunk, slutty-dressed girl from the crowd and take her to the hotel, you know, just to get his mind of off Louis. But Liam couldn’t take advantage of someone like that.

He thought about walking back to the hotel, but then remembered that he and the lads drove to the club. He ended up with his back against a wall close to the entrance. The chilly wall was comfortable. He picked up a stone from the ground and threw it as far as he could, when Louis ran out the entrance.

“Liam!” Louis yelled into the night. He almost fell, couldn’t stand on his feet properly. One of the doormen mumbled something, and Liam saw Louis turning to his direction. Louis sat down and placed a hand on Liam’s leg. Chills went down Liam’s spine by the soft touch. He closed his eyes and breathed heavily as Louis moved his hand up further.

“No,” Liam sighed; he removed Louis’ hand, he couldn’t bare it.

“Liam…” Louis sighed grabbing Liam’s hand as Liam stood up “Is it about that girl? Liam, she was… it was a mistake and… I don’t know what you want… I thought…”

“I don’t know what you want, Louis! You make me think that you… but you’re just teasing me, right?”

The lads stared each other for a couple of seconds before Louis pulled himself up and stood with his mouth placed only inches from Liam’s. A strong scent of vodka made Liam want to pull away, but Louis placed his hand on Liam’s hips, holding him tighter. There they stood for a couple of seconds, Louis plucking up courage. Then he aggressively pulled Liam as close as possible and kissed him, trying, waiting for a response. Liam couldn’t resist, he returned the kiss, uncontrolled, out of sync, they both knew that they wanted each other. The cold air and the hard wall disappeared, the distant sound of giggling, yelling and clubmusic faded away, only one thing was on their mind, they wanted to get closer, wanted to…

“What are we doing,” Liam mumbled into the kiss and quickly pulled away. Louis smiled triumphantly, but the smile quickly faded when he saw the Liam’s expression.

“You’re drunk, Louis… I don’t know if you’re just messing with me, I can’t do this,” Liam whispered, starting to walk away.

“You’re messing with me, Liam! Come back!”

Liam just walked, he didn’t look back. It didn’t sound like the older lad was following him. A familiar car suddenly pulled in in front of him and Louis opened the door.

“What are you thinking, you’re too drunk to drive!!” Liam yelled at him.

“If you’re not getting in, I’ll drive anyway.. I might get in to a car accident if you aren’t there to watch out for me..”

“You’re fucking stupid, Lou,”

Liam sighed and got in the car – he had no other choice, he didn’t know how to get to the hotel and he couldn’t let Louis drive to the hotel by himself. They sat in silence on the way home – none of them knew what to say. When Louis stopped the car in the parking basement, he quickly moved seat so he ended up sitting on Liam’s lap, their faces only inches apart.

“I want you, Liam, more than anything” he whispered breathing nervously against Liam’s skin. He traced his lips down Liam’s jawline and placed a soft kiss on his lips. A cheeky grin spread on Louis face as he felt Liam wanting to return the kiss. “Do you want me?”

Louis jumped out, leaving Liam stunned in the car.

Liam took a deep breath and opened the door to the hotel room him and Louis shared. For a moment, Liam looked at the older lad who was on his knees, looking for something in his suitcase. His hair was messier than usual, his white shirt unbuttoned and a tie hanging from his neck, the shape of his bum very clear in the tight pants. He raised his brows as he looked up and his face cracked in a wide but nervous smile. He got up from the floor.

“I didn’t think you would come,”

Liam closed the door and walked closer to Louis. He pushed Louis back to the end of the room so he was placed against a wall.

“You’re the complete opposite of me, and despite of that, we connect somehow.. we’re so different, so why is it like this, what is this? It’s on another level, it’s like being high, you can’t fucking describe it, but all I know is I fucking want you,” Liam whispered, before grabbing Louis’ hair and neck and thrusting him into the wall while kissing him aggressively.

Louis had been waiting for this for so long, he dragged the shirt of off Liam’s head and felt himself hardening underneath his tight pants. Liam moved Louis from the wall to the king-size-bed, when he noticed something on the table; the leopard-handcuffs a fan had thrown on stage one day. He smirked, he wanted to be in control. Liam grabbed the handcuffs, and cuffed Louis’ hands to the head of the bed, then undressed him so he was only wearing the unbuttoned shirt and the black tie. The half-naked Louis laying handcuffed in the duvets turned him on so much. Louis bit his lip in pleasure when Liam’s hand touched his length as he dragged down his pants. Liam also undressed himself so both of the boys were naked, revealing his hardened length which only turned on Louis even more. Liam sat on top of Louis, first sucking hard on his neck, then moving down his tanned chest and toned torso. He softly kissed Louis thigh and then started flicking his tongue up and down Louis’ length. He focused on the head, licking, sucking, soon taking the entire length in his mouth, causing Louis to moan deeply and thrusting into Liam’s mouth. Louis wanted to grab Liam’s head, but he couldn’t do anything wearing the handcuffs, and he was oddly turned on by Liam having total control. As Liam went up and down, the moans became deeper, more aggressive, and soon Louis was screaming Liam’s name.

“N-now,” Louis stammered through the moans. “I’m c-coming..”

He screamed Liam’s name one last time, before letting go and watch Liam swallow.

They lay there for a little while, both breathing heavily.

“Now it’s your turn,” Louis whispered into the younger boys ear, starting to kiss his way down Liam’s body.

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